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Horse Mating Horses Breeding - Educational For Farmers And Biology Class Video

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Channel about animal mating and breeding including animals like cats, dogs, elephants, goats,, cows seals, birds, monkeys, sharks , fish etc.

I upload funny and informative videos for biology class and learing purposes, mating is used in farms accros the world also fast food industry use mating to reproduce and deliver more delicious meat for humans consumption

What is mating? Wkipedia :
In biology, mating is the pairing of opposite-sex or hermaphroditic organisms, usually for the purposes of sexual reproduction. Some definitions limit the term to pairing between animals,[1] while other definitions extend the term to mating in plants and fungi. Fertilization is the fusion of both sex cell or gamete.[2] Copulation is the union of the sex organs of two sexually reproducing animals for insemination and subsequent internal fertilization. Mating may also lead to external fertilization, as seen in amphibians, fishes and plants. For the majority of species, mating is between two individuals of opposite sexes. However, for some hermaphroditic species, copulation is not required because the parent organism is capable of self-fertilization (autogamy); for example, banana slugs.

For animals, mating strategies include random mating, disassortative mating, assortative mating, or a mating pool. In some birds, it includes behaviors such as nest-building and feeding offspring. The human practice of mating and artificially inseminating domesticated animals is part of animal husbandry.
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Published: 2 Years Ago
Author: Jazz Notes

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